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Being Prepared During Your Travels

Glenn Duker

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Vacation is supposed to be carefree and relaxing but traveling whether it is overseas or a few hours away, you want to always be prepared. Issues such as traveling documentation or money could end up ruining a vacation. Be prepared and make a checklist before you head of to your adventure.

Required Documents

Make sure when you are traveling overseas to visit to get your required documents in order. You want to make copies of all your travel documents in case of an emergency. Leave a copy home with a relative and keep a backup of your original with you. If your passport is going to expire within six months, you will want to apply for a new one. Some countries will not let you enter if it is close to expiration. If you are planning to drive in a foreign destination, you may need to apply for an International Driving Permit, along with supplemental auto insurance. If you are traveling to a foreign country make sure you check with the embassy of your destination about regulations and documentation that are needed.


If you are going on a vacation, notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be traveling. You don’t want them to freeze your account because they think there is suspicious activity. If they know where you are traveling to, they will know that it is not fraud. If you at any point lose your card during the trip, contact your bank immediately to have the account frozen. If you do not, any purchases made may not be caught as unusual activity. You will also want to get information about using cash, cards, and ATMs if you are traveling overseas. There may be different exchange rates and some cards may not be accepted. Many European countries only accept cards with the chip and will not accept magnetic strip cards.


Learn the culture you are visiting. Some gestures or sayings could be taken in a different meaning in other countries. Make sure you do your research before hopping on a plane. Lifestyle can be very different in similar parts of the world and you want to be prepared to act properly when in those areas. Insulting a culture may not be your intentions but that is how the locals will see it. Get a guidebook, Google the area, and even ask employees at the hotel you are staying at to teach you about the culture of the country you are visiting. This could give you the opportunity to feel more immersed in your travels and less like a tourist.

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