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Famous Australian Tennis Players

Glenn Duker

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Australia has many talented tennis players, both men and women. If you are a seasoned tennis player, you’ve most likely heard of most of these names before. If you are a newcomer to the sport, you might find some of these names aren’t familiar. These tennis players have proven themselves amongst some of the best and have all been inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.



Rodney George Laver (Rod Laver)

Rod originates from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. He had won two calendar Grand Slams in singles, over 200 tournaments, and held the number one ranking from the years 1964 to 1970. Rod Laver was the first tennis player to earn over $1 million on tour. It was believe if Rod wasn’t barred from competing as an amatuer once he turned pro, it would be likely he would’ve won more Grand Slams.


Ken Rosewall

Rosewall won 25 Majors in his career. Eight Grand Slam singles titles and 15 Pro Slam titles. He was well known for his backhand. Rosewall played years past most players who had already retired, becoming the oldest major tournament winner in the Open Era. Defending his championships, he was also the first male to finish the Australian Open without losing a set. Rosewell did not let his accomplishments go to his head. He was modest from the beginning to the end of his career.


Margaret Court

Born in Perth, Australia, Margaret retired as the number one professional tennis player in the world. After her sporting career, she became a Christian minister back in her hometown of Perth. Court was the first woman during the open era to win in the singles Grand Slam. She was a force to be reckoned with on the court with her powerful serve, volley, and exceptional endurance. In 1979, she was elected into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.


John Newcombe

His notable tennis skills and his thick mustache, Newcombe won 26 total majors. One of Newcombe’s inspirations was above mentioned, Ken Rosewall. Following in his ideals footsteps, John starting competing with much success. Before matches, he would visualize the match and how it would play out. He prepared by scouting out the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. He ranked world number 1 in 1967, earning 67 Open Era Titles.


Though the Tennis Hall of Fame is filled with many. These decorated players have brought great pride to Australia in being voted some of the best.


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