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Glenn Duker on Traveling For Business

Glenn Duker

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In the movies, traveling for business looks like a hassle and everyone is always in a rush. If you plan ahead and make the traveling easier for yourself. You want to be able to make it to your meetings without feeling too rushed and still be able to explore the city you are visiting.

Booking a Hotel

You want to do research on the location of your meeting. This will make it easier to find hotels in close proximity to the office or convention center you need to travel to. If it is your first time traveling to a city, you want to be closer to your destination because you might not know the traffic patterns. If you find a hotel that is in walking distance to your destination, it will save you the stress of worrying about being late for your meeting.


To make your life easier, don’t check in a bag when traveling by air. If you can fit all of your belongings in a carry-on, save yourself the trouble of waiting in the check-in line and then waiting again at baggage claim. If you want to take a blazer on your trip, wear it during your flight so it does not wrinkle in your carry-on. If you have shoes that’ll take up a lot of space in your bag, wear them on the plane.


There are many aspects that need to be scheduled when it comes to business travel. First, your travel schedule. You don’t want to plan your travel where your flight lands 30 minutes before your meeting. There is always a chance of delays and your plane might not land on time. As mentioned above, you also don’t know the traffic patterns in the area and could have trouble making it from the airport to your meeting. Schedule your travel the day before your meeting. It will give you plenty of time in case your flight gets delayed.

Free Time

Business travel doesn’t have to be just about the meetings you need to attend. You are sure to have some downtime during your trip. Do some research ahead of time and find activities you can do and explore the city you are visiting. Look up restaurants and entertainment close by to your hotel and enjoy your trip.

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