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How to Work While Traveling

Glenn Duker

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With technology improving, many companies have remote workers or have the ability to work on the move. Though having the opportunity to not have to go into the office to work, it may be difficult to concentrate and get the work done. When you are traveling and trying to work, problems can occur with switching trains or flights and not falling behind on work.




While traveling to a business meeting or another office building, you may want to book the quickest flight or train ride or you may want to look for discounted tickets. Discounted tickets usually take longer because there are more stops and also you could have to switch onto a new train or plane. This could be troublesome for someone to who needs to get work done during their time on the train. If you need to work on a project before you arrive at your meeting or having to write articles, reports, or contracts, you may want to splurge for a trip that is non-stop. You won't have to worry about getting interrupted in the middle of a project.


Packing the Essentials

In my article on Essential Business Travel Accessories, I go into the devices that are best suited for when you are working and traveling. The portable chargers give you a way to keep the battery going on your devices. It wouldn’t be a productive day if half-way through your three-hour train ride your device died and you can’t get a client’s report completed. Chargers are definitely easy to forget which is why an electronics organizer would be a great investment for anyone that travels a lot, not only for their job but in general.


Create a Schedule

Set a schedule for yourself on the work you want to be completed by the end of your trip. If you have multiple tasks to get done, alot a certain amount of time to each project. Once your time is up on one, even if it is not finished move onto the next one. Starting a new project could give you the break you need and if you have time to return to it later you will have fresh eyes.



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