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The History of Tennis

Glenn Duker

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The early beginning of tennis in Australia has insufficient documentation unlike more popular sports such as football, cricket, and rugby. The game became popular first amongst women and later for men. Courts were being constructed from old clubs converting cricket courts into a playing surface for tennis. Tennis progressed much quicker in the US and UK before reaching Australia.


After the popularity of the game increased, Australia began importing equipment from different countries and manufacturers began creating their own designs for equipment. The improvement of technology helped with the design of new rackets. Rackets started being manufactured with wooden frames. With time technology improved the structures of the racket by experimenting with metal alloys and now being created with carbon-fiber materials. Rackets are now exceptionally lighter than when they were first created and can now be tailored to match the playing style of individual athletes.


Originally tennis was called “Lawn Tennis” and was played on grass courts. With time, there became three main court surfaces that could be played on: grass, hard court, and clay. The least expensive court to maintain is the hard court. It is made from a rigid material that creates a greater consistency of the bounce than other courts offer. The speed can vary on these courts but they are faster than clay courts and slower than grass courts. The US Open and Australian open are both played on hard courts. The fastest court to play on is the grass court. The rallies are kept short with quick points since the courts are less firm and tend to be more slippery than hard courts. The Wimbledon is played on a grass surface. The last court type is clay. A clay court produces a slower game and is the cheapest to construct. The maintenance can be very higher due to them needing to be rolled to keep the flatness of the court. Clay courts are most common in European and Latin American countries.

Tournaments and Championships

The first tournament held in Australia was in January 1880. Located at Melbourne Cricket Club, the Championship of the Colony of Victoria was played for the first time. Its name later changed to the Championship of Victoria. Now major tournaments such as the Wimbledon and the Davis Cup have brought more attention to the tennis forefront in Australia. With Norman Brookes being the first Australian to win the Wimbledon in 1907, not only did more athletes join the sport but also more spectators began to follow.

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