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Traveling to Australia

Glenn Duker

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If you are planning to visit Australia, there are a few things to know about this vast country. This territory occupies 7,629,024 square kilometers which is larger than all of the European Union countries. Unless you are planning to travel around this country for months, you will want to have a game plan of activities you want to do.



You may want to budget for accommodations, food, and activities during your trip. If you are planning to visit various territories of Australia, look into flying with budget airlines instead of full-service airlines. If you want to do ground travel instead, get a Greyhound bus pass that lets you hop on and off when you want instead of buying tickets to get from one city to the other. When looking at places to stay, hotels might come first to mind. But it could be a cheaper option to stay in an Airbnb or a bed and breakfast. Having the option of a kitchen could also save you money on eating out. If you cook at home you can save and also support local businesses by going to local grocery stores.



Like all most countries you visit, Australia has its own language. Australian English uses different slang words versus other countries’ English. You don’t want to come into a country where you are confused in what the locals are saying to you or even insult them be saying something rude or inappropriate. Do your research before you enter the country and continue learning from the locals when you arrive.



Many television shows make it seem like walking through any part of Australia you can come across a kangaroo, a koala bear, or dangerous wildlife. Many populated cities do not have these creatures roaming about. You’d most likely have to venture out into a national park or a reserve to find them. Australian residents are used to seeing animals such as bats, possums, snakes, lizards, bugs, and colorful birds.


Protection Against the Sun

The sun is very strong in Australia so stock up on sunscreen. Balance your time in the sun and find time to sit in the shade, reapply your sunscreen, and cover up with more clothes. Another way to protect yourself from the heat of the sun is to hydrate. Staying hydrated will prevent heat strokes. Bring or buy an insulated reusable water bottle so you can keep cool even in the hot sun.

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